Health Hazards Of Sitting Office Work – A Not So Heart Healthy Look



Lynne is a Certified Nutrition Consultant and Therapeutic Massage and Ethics Educator with extensive study in preventative nutrition and physiology. For over 35 years, Lynne has helped thousands of people through consulting, seminars and writing.

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  • This infograph, surprisingly, is more informative than most articles I have read about which also talked about how a sedentary lifestyle is dangerous to our health. I did read read that sitting for more than four hours a day lessens one’s life expectancy by 48%.

  • admin

    Makes you wanna get up and move!!! Great addition

  • jwheeler

    Did you know that you can get a bulging disc in the 4-5 lumbar area just from sitting at a desk for years at a time? Remember to move and stretch often during the day, sit on a ball for part of the day if you can. Visit a chiropractor, and do something in your off hours that gets your body moving around.