Frustrated? The Healthy Body Way To Lose Weight


The Challenge

Frustrated?  The healthy body way to lose weight.  When you try to lose weight, what do you do? Cut calories, right? Guess what can happen if you cut your calories too low—your body slows down your metabolism to try to hold on to all the fat it can. It’s a natural response mechanism—but not so great when you are trying to lose weight. Moreover, restricting calories can cause drops in blood sugar that lead to low energy, hunger, and cravings for unhealthy snack and food choices. With many diets, you don’t get the essential nutrients you need. What is the answer?

Let’s explore how the body works to metabolize fat and the nutrients that can give you the support you need to finally achieve the fabulous healthy body you’ve always wanted.

Thermogenesis is the process in which the body raises its temperature, or energy output.  When the core temperature of the body is increased, the metabolism is stimulated, which ultimately causes the body to use stored fat cells to support the additional energy output.  The thermogenesis process within the body can be triggered by nutrition, supplements and exercise.

Evodia fruit extract could be one of the biggest breakthroughs in thermogenesis to date.  Evodia fruit is the small, reddish fruit of the plant Evodia rutaecarpa, and is native to northern China and Korea.  This herbal extract is a mild, yet remarkable stimulant that has shown positive energy and diuretic characteristics.  It has a unique ability to significantly elevate the production of body heat and increases resting core temperature. This thermogenic effect leads to an increase in the calories and fat that are burned for energy.  Evodia also stimulates the body to reduce the uptake of fat.   

Evodia, together with the EGCG in green tea not only increases thermogenesis, but suppresses your appetite by activating the cholecystokinin hormone. The mechanism is quite simple – the hormone is released in the stomach wall and reduces your craving making you feel satisfied and you eat less. This will ultimately lead to weight loss.

Purple corn extract has been found by researchers to have the anti-uptake of fat capabilities as well. Purple corn (frequently referred to as blue corn) is botanically the same species as regular table corn. Yet by a twist of nature, this corn produces kernels with one of the deepest shades of purple found anywhere in the plant “kingdom.” Research has shown that purple corn contains cell-protecting antioxidants with the ability to inhibit carcinogen-induced tumors in rats. Purple corn extract is rich in anthocyanins.  The word anthocyanin is derived from the Greek terms, anthos, meaning flower, and kyanos, meaning blue. Anthocyanins are responsible for the purple, violet, and red colors attending many plants. Anthocyanins belong to an even larger class of plant chemicals known as flavonoids and are found in diverse plants.  Many plant-derived substances are believed to show these properties, but few have also demonstrated anti-inflammatory capabilities and the potential to help prevent obesity.

The Banaba Bush, known in the United States as Crape Myrtle (or Crepe Myrtle), has become widespread in temperate regions of the country and is prized as an ornamental. Banaba extract, obtained from the leaves of the plant, is high in plant insulin, known as corosolic acid.

Banaba leaf extract is highly prized by herbalists, who find that it can be used to control blood sugar by lowering glucose levels in humans. Researchers have also found that Banaba leaf extract can effectively control food cravings and suppress appetite, thereby rendering it a significant weight-reducing substance. Other health benefits of Banaba leaf include effective liver lipid level moderation, as well as blood cholesterol-lowering capability.

Ask any Nutritionist or Dietitian and they will tell you that it is virtually impossible to obtain all of the nutrients your body needs, every day, on a diet of less than 2000 calories.  Missing critical nutrients in your diet will only sabotage your efforts at achieving your healthiest weight.  You would be very wise to supplement with a premium quality supplement.

I highly recommend Shaklee’s Cinch® 3-in-1 Boost.  The Cinch® Boost Proprietary

Thermogenic Blend features EG CG, a true wonder from green tea, to boost your metabolism into high gear.  And Cinch 3-in-1 Boost also includes evodia and purple corn extracts currently being extensively studied for their weight loss potential.  This powerful blend is teamed with chromium, vanadium, and banaba leaf extract to help retain normal blood-sugar levels and help control hunger and food cravings. It also delivers 23 essential vitamins and minerals.  This product is manufactured with the absolute highest safety standards and 100% guaranteed.  With Cinch 3-in-1 Boost, you’ve got a lot of support to help you reach your goals and be your healthiest self ever!  Learn More




Lynne is a Certified Nutrition Consultant and Therapeutic Massage and Ethics Educator with extensive study in preventative nutrition and physiology. For over 35 years, Lynne has helped thousands of people through consulting, seminars and writing.

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