B Vitamins: 8 Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making


B Vitamins: 8 Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making.  As more research is done & attention is given to B Vitamins, you’ve probably heard someone saying they received a “B12” shot or that they’re taking one of the other “B Vitamins.”  The mistakes start when a person thinks that they only need to pay attention to one or two of the 8 nutrients, like (B12 or Riboflavin).  The truth is, you need to incorporate all 8 B Vitamins in a “B-Complex” format.  You’re looking for a complex designed to deliver a high potency of the B vitamins to the consumer in properly balanced amounts.  It should deliver all eight B vitamins in ratios that are consistently related to the amounts needed by the body daily.  Supplying the same amount (in milligrams) of each B vitamin, as some brands do, does not give your body the proper balance because your body requires different amounts of each of the B vitamins daily.

B Vitamins: 8 Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

The very high levels of B vitamins in some of the mega-potency B-complex products are excessive, as your body is not able to absorb B Vitaminsvery large amounts of the individual nutrients in a single dose.  The excess would simply be eliminated in the urine since the B vitamins are water soluble; this would be a waste of a consumer’s money.  With a quality product supplying each B vitamin at a lower and more manageable dosage, the absorption is better for all the nutrients.  You could take a larger amount daily if you wished – but you would need to spread the caplets out over the day to ensure better absorption.

The best B-Complex caplets make use of patented strategies to make the folic acid in the product more bioavailable than ever before. Surveys of several companies’ B-complex products in the United States indicated that the folic acid was not being dissolved properly from the tablets, and therefore not being made available to the body.  Folic acid is particularly important for women who are considering having children, as deficiencies in a mother’s folic acid at the time of conception and during early stages of pregnancy have been linked to higher risk of spinal cord birth defects.  The leader in Natural Nutrition here in the U.S. & their research and development scientists found a way to incorporate folic acid into the coating of the caplets so that the B-Complex would more effectively deliver its folic acid.

B Vitamins

B vitamins are essential to many reactions in your body that convert food into energy.  A chart that summarizes the biological functions of each B vitamin is listed below.


B Vitamins


From a Quality, Research & Reputation standpoint I can only recommend 1 B Vitamin Complex supplement.  Because I use it myself and have recommended it through nutrition consulting with great results for many years.  I hope you’re able to take this information & make a clear decision about B Vitamins & how to avoid the pitfalls many people have in incorporating them in their lives.

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