Tip #4 For Earth Day – Use That Recycling Bin!


Everyone knows using that recycling bin is the right thing to do for the planet & with programs like “single stream” recycling out now, it has never been easier.   No need to separate or sort, you can put all your recycling in the same container.  Cans, bottles, paper, aluminum & plastic containers can all be recycled in one easy place.  There’s no excuse for even the busiest people, because if you can throw it away you can just as easily recycle it!  At my home I have a paper bag next to the garbage for recycling and when it’s full I just dump it into the larger recycling bin.  Once you’re aware of all the things that can be recycled around the house you’ll be surprised at how much your actual garbage is reduced.  Especially plastic bottles…. did you know that recycling a single plastic bottle can conserve enough energy to light a 60-watt light bulb for up to 6 hours!!!  That’s only 4 bottles and you’d have a Day of energy!  Now you may be asking, “so what exactly can I recycle around the house?”  Well, we put together this video for you to answer just that.



Now that you’ve got a good education on how and what to recycle, we hope you’ll increase your effort or start doing it today!  Most waste/recycling companies give you a recycling bin for free, so this is an Earth Day tip that really costs you nothing.


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