What Olympic Athletes Can Teach Us About Energy


“What Olympic Athletes can teach us about energy

Sports nutrition products are sold at big-box retailers, drugstores, and even grocery stores. However, many conventional sports nutrition products, especially the most popular retail brands, contain artificial flavors, sweeteners, and preservatives.

Conventional sports products may be untested or they may contain ingredients that are unproven. Rather than testing products in clinical tests or with world-class athletes, many companies choose to introduce new products without scientific substantiation. Additionally, ingredients that can provide important benefits may be missing from some products.

It doesn’t make sense to put unproven or untested ingredients in your body at the same time you are asking your body to deliver maximum effort and optimal performance.

Shaklee Sports Nutrition™

Put in the Best, Bring out the Best

Shaklee Sports Nutrition products are used at the highest levels of competition so you can trust them every time you take them—before, during, and after your workouts. Train longer.  Recover faster. Perform better.  And don’t worry, these are natural products with no artificial flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives. Everything you need. Nothing you don’t. That’s PURE performance.

Thousands of athletes around the world trust Shaklee Sports Nutrition™. We’ve got you covered no matter what you play, where you play, or how hard you play. Shaklee powers athletes to push limits and achieve more.

• Shaklee athletes have won more than 100 medals, more than most countries!

• Seven of Time-Life’s Greatest Adventures of All Time were fueled by Shaklee

• Natural products with no artificial flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives

• Clinically tested with proven results

– Performance® minimizes fluid loss to enhance hydration

– Performance increases endurance

– Physique® triggers the anabolic recovery state after exercise

– Physique restores muscle energy fast

Sports Nutrition at a Glance


Olympic Athletes & Energy


Before Exercise: Shaklee Energy™ Chews.  You need energy for motivation and to “spark” the metabolic reactions that fuel muscles.

Healthy Energy on Demand.  Shaklee Energy Chews provide a clean burst of healthy energy to help you get that extra edge when you need it most. Each chew contains a scientific blend of caffeine from natural green tea extract, plus L-tyrosine, L-theanine, B vitamins, and vitamin D, to help:

+ Sustain energy*

+ Improve performance*

+ Stay alert*

+ Sharpen focus*

+ Improve mood*

Shaklee Energy Chews

Shaklee Energy Chews are more convenient than energy drinks to transport and consume and include:

• Key nutrients such as energy-releasing B vitamins, the antioxidant vitamin C, and bone-building vitamin D

• Key amino acids L-tyrosine and L-theanine—associated with mental alertness and focus

• Natural caffeine from green tea—associated with energy and performance


Olympic Athletes & Fluids


During Exercise: Shaklee Performance® Pure Hydration Drink. A scientific blend of electrolytes to support optimal hydration and our unique mix of carbohydrates to maintain glucose levels for sustained energy output.

Dehydration is the most common cause of fatigue and poor athletic performance. Shaklee Performance is clinically proven to hydrate better than water. Plus, Performance has more electrolytes and provides more energy than the leading hydration drink.  Electrolytes are minerals that control fluid balance, blood volume, heart rate, and body temperature. Electrolytes help balance the need for fluids with thirst to properly hydrate athletes.  Our proprietary OPTI-LYTE™ electrolyte blend in Performance contains six electrolytes to support optimal hydration; the leading brand contains only four electrolytes.  Performance delivers instant and sustained energy and supports optimal hydration. Take the “endure” out of endurance sports.

Shaklee Performance

We call it Performance for good reason. Clinical tests with high level athletes show that Shaklee Performance:

+ Minimizes fluid loss for enhanced hydration

+ Delivers a full spectrum of electrolytes, including calcium and magnesium (not in the leading brand)

+ Maintains blood-glucose levels to sustain intense energy output and to increase stamina


Olympic Athletes & Recovery


After Exercise: Shaklee Physique® Pure Recovery Shake

A scientific blend of protein and carbohydrates proven to improve glycogen synthesis and stimulate muscle recovery after a workout.

More Gain, Less Pain.  Work out harder. Recover faster. Repeat.  Physique is a pure, natural, high-octane fuel for rapid muscle recovery, endurance, and strength.

+ Helps build firm, lean muscles

+ Helps restore muscle energy

+ Supports muscle repair

End every workout with Physique because today’s finish line is tomorrow’s starting line.

Clinically Proven to Accelerate Recovery

Physique with BIO-BUILD® has been clinically proven to naturally activate the body’s recovery process. Plus, the intelligent-release protein blend allows your body to absorb a full spectrum of amino acids over time to help re-energize depleted muscles.

Shaklee Physique Improves Recovery

Recover faster. Recover more completely. Physique restores energy to your muscles when taken immediately after working out and again two hours later.

Shaklee Physique

Shaklee Physique includes:

• BIO-BUILD, a proprietary protein-to-carbohydrate ratio to support rapid recovery and lean-muscle building

• Intelligent-release protein blend designed to allow the absorption of amino acids over time.

• Only 1 gram of fat per serving

• Natural sweeteners and flavors with no preservatives

Formulated to Help ALL Types of Athletes

Whether your passion is endurance sports, adventure, or fitness—we’ve got you covered. Whether you are a weekend warrior or a world-class athlete—we’ve got you covered. Whether you like competing as a team, one-on-one, or against yourself—we’ve got you covered. It doesn’t matter if your focus is getting in shape or taking your favorite sport to the next level. Inside. Outside. Around the track or around the house. Shaklee Sports Nutrition™ can help!  So take a page out of the top Olympic Athletes book and take your game to the next level!


{Yes, I want to take it to the next level!}

Stacy Gross is a certified Zumba® Instructor with over 18 years of dance and performance experience. Through her positive, exciting and engaging atmosphere her classes can draw 600+ people.

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