Update: On TheGetGreenKey.com


We’ve recently been asked why we decided to have a separate site (http://www.TheGetGreenKey.com) to post Lisa’s new video /podcast/article series to, rather than putting it on our blog.  We figured this would be a good opportunity to give you a heads up on what you can look forward to from us in the coming months & throughout the year.  Through the last 2+ years of blogging & putting out more creative original lifestyle content on the web, we’ve seen that while people really enjoy a resource rich site like The Healthy Key, other people enjoy somewhere they can get specific information on a specific topic.  While we don’t think we discovered some kind of revelation……it seemed we could make it easier for people who want advanced or more in depth environmental, home safety, cleaning & laundry product information to get that information on a separate site.  As the name hopefully implies, this is a great sister site for us to offer specific help and answers to “going green”, “getting green” saving money, making our homes safer etc.  Also the new site offers not only lots of great free content, but also helps you with making positive steps forward.  We will be continuing this process to offer a separate site for what we consider our most influential topics.  This is not to say that we’ll be phasing out the healthy key by ANY means, (that will continue to be our main platform) it just means that while we continue to put out “lifestyle” &”life advancement” content, we’ll also be doing specific & more advanced off-shoots of it as well.

So without getting to long here, that will bring you up to date on what you can look for from us going forward!  If you haven’t gotten the chance to get Lisa’s Free “Top 20 FAQ’s & SAQ’s People Should Know About Their Cleaning & Laundry Products” go get it here now –





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