Shaklee Products Going Strong In White House


Shaklee Get Clean Household cleaners are being used in The White House and Vice resident’s residence…result of the unrelenting “don’t take no for an answer” persistence of Sloan Barnett, wife of Shaklee owner, Roger Barnett. The change-over took place late Fall 2008, before the resident transition.

Sloan shared at the recent Shaklee Global Conference the twists and turns it took to even get an audience to show the housekeeping staffs what the products would do and NOT do, like pollute the indoor environment as well as the “down the drain” environment.

Get Clean Products are Always SAFE, Always WORK & Always GREEN!

You would have to spend $3,400 in grocery store cleaning supplies to equal the cleaning power in just $169 (shipping/tax not included) with the Get Clean Starter Kit. Not only the cost, but the stuff works! Our family 3 generations have been cleaning with Shaklee products for about 45 years!

Shaklee has been doing this since 1960, so they know what it takes to make products that are non-toxic AND do the job you buy it for in the first place. So whether YOUR HOUSE is white, blue, brown, or yellow, give Get Clean a try! Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed.

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That means membership is free with the purchase of Vivix®, Shaklee Vitalizer™, a Get Clean Starter Kit… or any combination of Shaklee products totaling $70 MN

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