How to Take Charge of Your Allergies


It’s that time of year again, and with all the talk about how it’s going to be a long and harsh allergy season, I wanted to offer some clarity (no, not claritin) and show you how you can take charge of your allergies and their symptoms.  I’ve been a Certified Nutrition Consultant for over 35 years & have worked with thousands of people suffering from allergies & other nutrition related issues.  You don’t need a medical degree to understand allergies. The reason for your allergy symptoms can be simple: Your immune system encounters a foreign substance (such as pollen or ragweed), registers it as a threat (which it’s not), and launches a counterattack.  Now your eyes are watering, you’re sniffling and sneezing, headachey and pretty miserable.  Time to head to the doctor and stock up on allergy medication right?…..Well here is where the conflict comes in.  You could do that, and then continue that same process every year when its allergy season, or you could go the other route and say “I wonder if I can get this under control once and for all?”  Now if you’ve read anything from us, watched any of our videos or listened to one of our podcasts or other content, you might have an idea of which way we think, How To Take Charge Of Your Allergiescan offer you a better outcome.

As we mentioned above, the immune system has much to do with this whole allergy issue.  So it makes sense that we’d take a good look at what we can do to stop this immune system confusion & get our body back on the right track.  Most people don’t associate the immune system with allergies, but that is where the big problem is. When your body is fighting with allergies, it means the immune system is weakening.  This is especially true for people who suffer from allergies regularly.   What they really need to do is boost their immune system.

First we’ll look at the medication way or the “treadmill path.”  If you’ve been down this road before, you know that many times it can take weeks for these medications to “kick in” and can come with lots of unpleasant side effects.

For instance nasal spray and eye drop decongestants should be used for only a few days at a time since long-term use can actually make symptoms worse.  Not helpful if your allergies are not improving right away.  Also many over-the-counter antihistamines cause drowsiness, not helpful if you need to live a normal life (work, kids, exercise, overall focus & energy)

Decongestants often times raise blood pressure, so they typically are not recommended for people who have blood pressure problems or glaucoma. They can also cause insomnia or irritability and restrict urinary flow, all wonderful things to deal with when you already don’t feel great!

Then there are steroids, which basically work to reduce inflammation.  Now while these may help with the pressure and inflammation, they come with a trade off of:

  • Weight gain
  • Fluid retention
  • High blood pressure

And if used for extended periods can also cause:

  • Growth suppression
  • Diabetes
  • Cataracts of the eyes
  • Bone thinning osteoporosis
  • Muscle weakness

Next and maybe the most insightful one is the Allergy shot.  The point of an allergy shot is to…….. build your immune system.

These shots can cause symptoms similar to the allergy symptoms you are already experiencing: itchy, stuffy nose; itchy, watery eyes; sneezing….. ok, still doesn’t seem like we’re getting anywhere.  And although the warning  says “in very rare cases”, why would you want to take a chance in experiencing the following symptoms when you don’t have to.

How To Take Charge Of Your Allergies“In rare cases, these symptoms become very severe and are accompanied by other symptoms, including the following:

  • Difficulty breathing
  • Wheezing Chest
  • Throat tightness
  • Rapid or irregular heart beat
  • Dizziness
  • Light-headedness
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Death”

This type of very severe allergic reaction is known as anaphylaxis.  They tell you that this is less likely to happen if you follow the schedule of shots recommended by your allergist and observe the technician administering the shot.  Be sure you are receiving the correct dose of the correct extract.  I don’t know about you, but I would have no idea what the “correct dose” or “correct extract” would be, so this wouldn’t ease my fear or lessen my risk at all.


So now we know one side of the story & what the risk/reward is, and we’ve also concluded that the main culprit is still a weak immune system that is not functioning like it’s supposed to.


How To Take Charge Of Your Immune System

What causes a weak immune system?  Well, there are many things that contribute to an immune system breakdown, but one big reason is humans eating more fast, processed and fabricated food.  Americans eat for taste and convenience much more than for nutrition.  People tend to take medication for their allergies, but don’t think to take a step back, make better food choices and take something to boost their immune system.  Not only would that give better relief for their allergy symptoms, but they’d feel better in many other ways as well.  Rather than make this a big grocery list of foods you need to buy (lets face it, changing food habits can be tough, but please try!) we’ll focus on the more realistic approach…..”whole food supplements.”  No, not like supplements from the store, “Whole Foods”.  We mean taking supplements that are made from “the whole food.”   You see, taking a Vitamin C extract pill or supplement won’t do you much good.  Your body needs the contents of the whole food that contains the vitamin c (like an orange, not just the vitamin c from the orange.)  An orange is comprised of way more than just vitamin c.  There are also hesperins and flavanoids etc.  Vitamin C needs these components with it to even be effective.  Here is an example of the 3 types of supplements and this is where you’ll either choose to waste your time & money or see what to take to get real results.


1. Test Tube or Synthetic (Usual drug store or discount store vitamins)–made in a test tube in a lab, to resemble the real thing. This is toxic to the body and does more harm than good.

– Imagine a plastic lemon from the store with juice in it. This type is like the plastic lemon with NO juice. That is basically what you are eating if you take this type of vitamin.

  • No enzymes
  • Man-made
  • Inorganic substances
  • Stimulant
  • Side effects
  • Can actually be more harmful to your health to take!

2. Crystalline or Extracted (**Usually a health food store variety)–These start out natural, but are heated through the processing, so all live enzymes are killed. You end up with a partially live vitamin, if live at all.  In addition, most of these have harsh binders and fillers, plastic coatings, and some contain tar.

– This is like the plastic lemon with juice. IF, you can get past the plastic coating, (will it even break down in your stomach?) there is a little bit of real stuff in there. However, the juice has been heated so most if not all nutrients have been inactivated.

  • Weak enzymes
  • Uses chemical and heat extraction
  • Organic substances (low quality raw materials)
  • Stimulant
  • Imbalanced
  • Harsh binder and fillers

3. Natural / Unaltered (**The real deal from the original founder of “whole food vitamins” The Shaklee Corporation food supplements)–Cold pressed to extract the vitamins, all enzymes remain alive so you get something as close to nature as possible

– This is the REAL lemon…unaltered and fresh. What’s inside is alive and natural and actually builds healthy cells.

  • Strong enzymatic action
  • Low heat, low pressure process
  • Organic substances
  • Feeds and improves cell’s health
  • Balanced
  • Contains essential unknown nutrients


Take Charge Of Your Allergies and Their Symptoms


I encourage people to have optimal amounts of Shaklee Vitamin C, Shaklee Nutriferon and Shaklee Alfalfa tabs in their daily diet to strengthen and build their immune system to once and for all get relief from their allergies. My clients have had great success when implementing this program. With Shaklee’s unconditional guarantee attached to every product they make and their uncompromising quality you can be assured of getting all the benefits you are looking for when looking to take charge of your allergies & their symptoms as well!

Do you have specific questions you’d like answered?  Need a Free consultation?  Email me at & I’d be more than happy to give you more personal help.


Lynne is a Certified Nutrition Consultant and Therapeutic Massage and Ethics Educator with extensive study in preventative nutrition and physiology. For over 35 years, Lynne has helped thousands of people through consulting, seminars and writing.

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