Minnesota Environment Gets Big Lottery Win!


Last night as many of you know, they drew the numbers for the record-breaking $587.5 million Powerball Lottery.  Here in Minnesota the state generated more than $10 million in sales, which was also a record.  While on the surface these numbers really didn’t mean much to me as I didn’t win, it did lead me to find a silver lining in the process.  After checking my numbers and finding out I wouldn’t be receiving more than $4 for my numbers, I wanted to see who won.  In the process I came across the “Where The Money Goes” page and was immediately much less disappointed in my lottery outcome.  Here’s what I found out…..

Minnesota Environment Get Big Lottery Win


The $10 Million Dollar Minnesota Lottery Powerball Earnings Were Directed As Follows:


$5.6 Million – General Fund:

The General Fund supports state services, including public education, local government assistance, transportation, public safety and environmental protection.

$2.6 Million – Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund:

The Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund preserves, restores and enhances Minnesota’s natural resources, including improvements to state parks, the construction of state trails, enhanced hunting and fishing habitat and research to improve Minnesota’s environment.

$922,659 Thousand – Game and Fish Fund:

Money from the Game and Fish Fund is spent on activities that improve, enhance and protect fish and wildlife resources, including conservation, restoration and enhancement of land, water and other natural resources of the state.

$922,659 Thousand – Natural Resources Fund:

Parks and trails and the Duluth, Como and Minnesota zoos benefit from the Natural Resources Fund.


Minnesota Environment Get Big Lottery WinClose to half of all the money raised was going to protect, restore, enhance and improve (all good words in my book) our environment, water & natural resources.  I was naively surprised but also happy that in some ways I was participating in a “Lottery With A Conscience.”  Being that I grew up in a family involved in local and worldwide environmental initiatives & now doing business under the same ideals, I was happy to find an underlying positive in something like the lottery!

So whether you win or not, in some ways you are contributing to a better world.  I’m not sure how other states allocate their money, so check out your local state and you too may be surprised to find that your lottery money is really going to a good cause.

So what did you think? Does your state support environmental and natural resources through the lottery?  Let us know in the comments below or by sharing this story with your favorite social networks.




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