Small Step Brain Training Secrets For Your New Years Resolutions


For the last few weeks or even months, many of us have started to contemplate what things we want to change and improve on for the new year.  It can be a time of dread or excitement or both.  Many times when taking new strides or attempting big changes, it is easier to accomplish your goal by starting with a small step and easing your way into it.  The purpose of this article is to get you into the mindset of being open to new ideas & small step brain training.

The medical myth about adult brains never getting any new cells is, well, medical myth.  We acquire new neurons (brain cells) every day, and in areas of our brain where we need the most – where our highest thinking takes place.  Put those new cells to work by learning something new and you will keep them.  Make a commitment to be a lifelong learner of new things, whether by tasting new foods, exploring new places, finding new ideas, reading new books, listening to new music, or meeting new people.  The key to stretching your mind is to put those new neurons to good use by being in the habit of learning something new every single day.


Small Step Brain Training Secrets For Your New Years Resolutions


One small change to broaden your mental horizon is to switch your listening from AM to FM or vice versa.  If you are in the habit of Small Step Brain Training Secrets For Your New Years Resolutionstuning in to a particular station, try a new one each day during the month.  If you are accustomed to always ordering the same food, try new dishes or an altogether new cuisine.  If you like to cook, get new cookbooks and experiment with new menus.

Take the month to explore a different parts of your town or city whenever you have the chance.  Lean how to play a new game or dance a new dance.  Try a new hobby.  Choose activities where you will meet new people- and not just new but different.

Read a different daily newspaper or subscribe to new journals and magazines or explore them in the library.  Read books in the genre that is new for you.  At the end of the month some of these new adventures may become “old friends,” but that is not really the purpose.  The purpose is simply to acquire the habit of learning something new every single day of your life.  It doesn’t have to be difficult or something that requires a long-term commitment.  The only commitment her is to remain open to ideas, in order to keep that brain of yours well exercised.

Start trying some of these things on a daily basis and you’ll start to carve a path for success & have a system to use when you decide what your New Years resolutions will be.

What did you think?  Did you find some small step brain training secrets you could implement?  Share you comments and ideas below and share this article with those you think it could help.




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