The Top 4 Reasons Most People Fail In Their Weight Loss Attempts

 The Top 4 Reasons Most People Fail In Their Weight Loss Attempts


With 1/3 of December now gone, D-day for New Years Resolutions is almost here.  For millions of Men and Women, that resolution will be to lose weight and keep it off!  And many of those people it will not be on their 1st attempt at that goal.  So with more and more people making this a goal and fewer and fewer of them being successful, we wanted to look at the top 4 reasons most people fail in their weight loss attempts.


Problem #1 – You Lose Some Fat But Also Lose Lean Muscle


With the majority of weight loss products out there, the focus is on how much total weight you lose.  What’s not taken into account is how and where you’re losing the weight from.  This is what causes the popularly named “yo-yo diet.”  The product is non selective, you lose some fat, but a lot of lean muscle as well.  This causes your metabolism to slow down drastically and once you stop the diet you’ll be one of the 80% of people who regain it all back within 2 years, or worse yet one of the 66% who will actually gain even more back within 4-5 years.


Problem #2 – Weight Loss Programs Don’t Show You How To Keep The Weight Off, All Programs Stop At “Before & After”


One of the other most common problems that causes people to fail in their weight loss attempts is the fact that the program or product has no system for actually keeping the weight off.  For someone who is really trying to move forward and make a healthy weight transformation while keeping the weight off, a simple before and after isn’t an achievable long term goal.


Problem #3 – You Don’t Get The Proper Support & Incentives


Market research and studies show that when a person makes a public declaration to lose weight, they have a much higher success rate.  The same goes for people who do it with someone else or with a group of friends or buddies.  Research also shows that people want small personal rewards that they feel are achievable and can inspire them regularly.  Most programs fail to support both of these issues.  People then feel like they’re doing it alone and don’t really have anyone to help keep them accountable.


Problem #4 – The Tools And Systems Are Not Up To Date With The Way We Use Technology And Live Socially Today


For it being 2012-2013, the technology and systems of most weight loss programs are out of date.  For example someone who would be making a public declaration to lose weight today might do it on a social network like Facebook or one of the popular networks.  There is no integration between the program and our social way of living.  Where is the use of mobile, online support and a place online where you can track, share and set your personal goals?


After reading this, I have to apologize to you a bit.  If you’re one of the people striving for weight loss this year and all you have to use is whats currently out there, you’ve probably just lost some hope.  That’s not my intention, in fact my intention is to keep your spirits high.  Why?  Because in about 20 days the most trusted nutrition company is the U.S. will be offering something completely different, unique and credible for those looking to safely and effectively lose weight and keep it off.  As January 1st gets closer we’ll be releasing more info about how it works, the system, the support, rewards, trips, technology & more!  (Update: Get a sneak peak here)

What did you think? Do you have an opinion on the top 4 reasons most people fail in their weight loss attempts? Share you thoughts in the comments below & share this story if you found it helpful.


Lynne is a Certified Nutrition Consultant and Therapeutic Massage and Ethics Educator with extensive study in preventative nutrition and physiology. For over 35 years, Lynne has helped thousands of people through consulting, seminars and writing.

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