Shaklee 180 App Provides Amazing Weight Loss Help


So yesterday I downloaded the new Shaklee 180 App for my Ipad (also available for the Iphone & Androids) and I haven’t been able to put it down since!  I am on the 2nd half of the program which is called “Lean & Healthy” which teaches you how to keep the weight off long term or for people who are looking to tone up and not necessarily lose weight… like me.  If you are looking for weight loss help or just looking to lean / tone up than lets look at some pictures from this very cool app.


Shaklee 180 App

Welcome & Sign-In Page -


Then Set your Shaklee 180 Goals & Choose Your Kit – “The Turnaround Kit” or “The Lean & Healthy Kit”


Shaklee 180 App

Set Your Goals & Choose Your Kit -


Now Choose Your Long Term Goal, What Size Makes That Pair Of Jeans Fit Perfect! Shaklee 180


Shaklee 180 App

Enter in Your Long Term Goal & How Much You Want To Shrink From Your Waist -


Next, What Is Your Ultimate Shaklee 180 Weight Loss Goal?


Shaklee 180 App

Enter Your Ultimate Weight Loss Goal -


Set Up Your 90 Day Goal Shaklee 180


Shaklee 180 App

Set Up Your 90 Day Weight Loss Goal -


Then Put Your Motivation In Writing & Add A Inspiring Picture! Set Your Shaklee 180 Goal


Shaklee 180 App

Put Your Motivation In Writing & Add An Inspiring Picture -


This Is What The Shaklee 180 Dashboard Looks Like!  Add Meals, Log Activities, Access Your Workouts, Earn Entries For Weekly & Grand Prizes & A Ton More!


Shaklee 180 App

Shaklee 180 App Dashboard, All The Tools, Training & Tracking To Make Sure You Succeed -


Get On The Right Path, And Start Your Shaklee 180 Right Now


Shaklee 180 App

Get On The Right Path With Shaklee 180 -


These pictures really only scratch the surface of what the Shaklee 180 App can do and how cool and useful it is.  It’s given me so much more confidence that I can achieve my goals and it keeps me accountable, but also makes the process fun and rewarding!  If you’ve struggled with weight loss programs in the past, are struggling on one now and/or are looking for a way to get lean and healthy than this system is for you.  Go to our Shaklee 180 Website now and see how this different, unique & credible program could be the last weight loss program you ever try! –




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