SAQ – Are Things Like Mr Clean Magic Erasers Safe?



It’s our countdown to Earth Day 2013!  One question I wish I’d known the answer to a long time ago is: Are things like Mr Clean magic erasers safe?

Sometimes cleaning products that are marketed as easy / convenient and even fun to use are by no surprise thought of in the same way by your children and pets. So to answer the question, these are some things to be concerned about with these well known examples: Giving your child the magic eraser to clean their crayon marks off the wall can potentially turn into severe chemical burns if they rub that eraser on their skin.




The swifter wet jet solution has been associated with numerous pet poisonings and liver damage.




The Tide to-go pen is often carried in a mother’s purse for convenience, but should not be exposed to bare skin or eyes.  Unfortunately it’s an attractive thing for a dog to chew on or a little one to take out of mom purse and pretend its chap stick!





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