Earth Day Tip #3 – Have Fun & Get Creative With Upcycling!


For our 3rd Earth Day Tip, we wanted to play to you creators!  Someone who likes to take something old or used and make not only something creative, but really cool & different.  We’re also going off an idea that is not necessarily new, but has picked up a newer alias called “Upcycling“.  There are a ton of materials that can be upcycled as well as different levels of difficulty to pulling them off, so we chose 6 ideas we though landed somewhere in the middle.  So lets get into it –


Pallet Upcycling / Wood

This idea takes used pallets that are touched up a bit and makes them into a pallet bench with center table.  Great for morning coffee, lunch, or a evening glass of wine!

Earth Day Tip - Pallet Upcycling

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This next idea is pretty simple, not much modifying here.  It involves using an old pallet to make a vertical herb garden that can be put really anywhere depending on the size you choose.

Earth Day Tip - Pallet Upcycling Herb Garden

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Wine Bottle Upcycling / Glass

Bird houses or feeders can be made from a lot of different recycled products, but we thought this one was a bit cooler.  Just in case you needed another re-use for your old glass bottles, this simple DIY bird feeder is made using scrap wood, wire, a hook, the base of a plastic bottle, and an old glass sauce bottle or wine bottle.

Earth Day Tip - Glass Upcycling Bird Feeder

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This idea again takes a wine bottle, but this time turns it into a vibrant mosaic table top torch!  A little bit more involved and time consuming, but would be a sure “fire” conversation starter!

Earth Day Tip - Glass Upcycling Wine Bottle Torch

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Cardboard & Plastic Upcycling

Believe it or not this next one is actually made from discarded plastic bottles.  The bottoms are cut to look like flowers and can be used to create dramatically beautiful curtains, light fixture or room divider.

Earth Day Tip - Plastic Upcycling Flowers

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One of my personal favorites, this idea takes recycled cardboard and turns it into ultra cool & stunning lights.  A Seattle and Amsterdam based design studio graypants is behind the idea.

Earth Day Tip - Cardboard Upcycling Cardboard Scrap Lights

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So there it is, 6 cool Earth Day ideas for upcycling and getting creative.  To see more ideas and pictures follow us on Pinterest   Let us know what you thought in the comments below and share this post with others you think could benefit from it.  See you tomorrow for Earth Day Tip #2.


Lisa is a home environmental specialist focusing on smart, safe alternatives for families concerned about today’s toxin epidemic

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