11 Tasty Fall Foods To Get Your Body Super Charged


11 Tasty Fall Foods To Get Your Body Super Chargedhen thinking of sweet fruits and tasty vegetables, many people think of spring and summer harvest.   But they tend to forget what great food we have to look forward to in the fall months.  This is a time when many people are gearing up for colder weather and need a good boost to the immune system along with continued overall nutrition.  Its not only about the food thought, buy participating in seasonal eating we can help drastically reduce our carbon footprint and help nurture and strengthen local economies.  Below we’ll look at 11 tasty fall foods that will help get your body super charged for the seasons ahead.


1. Apples

These sweet and crunchy delights are high in antioxidants, phenols and flavonoids.  They also pack fiber and vitamin c just to name a few.  They can aid in chronic illness prevention, slow aging and help your immune system.

2. Pumpkins

Pumpkins pack a great punch by providing benefits in both the flesh and the seeds!  They offer beta carotene which helps with vision as well as potassium for cells, tissue and organs.   Plus the seeds offer omega 3 fatty acids which help with all sorts of things like brain health, cholesterol, heart disease, and blood pressure.

3. Squash

Like the pumpkin, squash offers a big nutritional boost with vitamins A, C,  potassium, & fiber leading the charge.  They aid in all sorts of functions from muscle strength and digestion to immunity and cell, tissue and organ health.

4. Kiwis

Ah the sweet, sweet Kiwi!  These little fuzzy odd looking fruits offer up loads of antioxidants that aid in protecting the eyes, heart and colon.  They also pack in different vitamins that help strengthen the soon to be tested immune system.  With the dark green appearance you know your on the right eating track of deep dark fruits and vegetables.

5. Figs

The luscious and sweet fig has been know to help in numerous areas including: blood pressure, breast cancer, diabetes, bone health, cardiovascular heath and more. Just some of the nutrients include: Iron, calcium, manganese, vitamin b & fiber.

6. Pears

With their high levels of soluble fiber, pears do a great job of lowering bad cholesterol.  They are also high in vitamin C, vitamin K & fiber.  The skin is also known to be loaded with phytonutrients like Carotenoids that can act as an anti-inflammatory and is known for being a Very Low allergy fruit.

7. Grapes

Maybe more than any other food on this list, grapes have a kind of celebrity status.  You can find a virtual jackpot of nutrition in them.  Many people are aware of the anti-aging properties of resveratrol found in grapes, but don’t realize all the areas of the body it & grapes really help.  They have been shown to have Cognitive Benefits in brain aging and learning, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, help in lowering blood pressure, cholesterol, offer cardiovascular support and even cancer fighting properties.  The U.S.’s #1 Natural Nutrition company has used these properties along with their talent and research to developed an even more beneficial product called Vivix which is said to be 10x more beneficial than resveratrol alone!

8. Pomegranates

Although quite an odd looking character, the pomegranate has come on the scene in recent years as a deep dark red sweet eat that offers some great benefits.  With antioxidants, fiber, vitamin c & vitamin k, it’s nothing to scoff at.  Some findings have even associated it with a decrease in heart disease and even cancer.

9. Sweet Potatoes

Replace your standard white or yellow potato with these orangeish spuds and you’ll be in for a treat!  This classic fall food is loaded with beta-carotene a great contributor to overall eye health, vitamin c for immunity & skin (to name a few) antioxidants (starting to see a trend here) fiber, and can also help prevent cell damage.

10. Cranberries

Many people have heard that cranberries help with urinary tract infections and have believed it was due to the high acidity in cranberries.  But newer studies have shown that there may be different components in play.  Cranberries and their deep red color are said to be attributed to phytonutrients that come from the direct sunlight they get from sitting on top of the bogs.  They have been known to offer cardiovascular benefits, colon health, oral disease prevention, aid to our liver, have Anti cancer benefits, offer immune system strengthening and give us many great vitamins like: vitamin C, vitamin K & vitamin E.

11. Clementines

A cross between their look a like relatives the orange and mandarin, most people will immediately say its high in vitamin C and they are right, we wrote a whole post on it called 5 Vitamin C Secrets Every Parent Should Know.  They also contain antioxidants which help with a whole range of functions, some being bone density, inhibit cancer growth, blood clots and inflammation.  Clementines offer up a good dose of fiber and minerals and are always a good way to give your immunity a boost!


So that’s a quick rundown of 11 Tasty Fall Foods To Get Your Body Super Charged.  Which one of these 11 is your favorite?  Let us know what you though in the comments below.




Lynne is a Certified Nutrition Consultant and Therapeutic Massage and Ethics Educator with extensive study in preventative nutrition and physiology. For over 35 years, Lynne has helped thousands of people through consulting, seminars and writing.

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