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Kick It Into High Gear!

When your body is working at high performance levels, body temperature is raised, increasing sweat production and the need for re-hydration.  The rise in body temperature is caused by a few different factors: muscles are working at peak performance to enhance athletic ability, and they are producing energy in the form of heat, which raises the core body temperature.  Also contributing to this rise in temperature is the increased blood flow, which is a result of the sweating process as your body tries to cool the skin.
As sweat output increases, water input isn’t generally maintained to the proper equilibrium needed to keep you body at a stable hydration, therefore causing dehydration.  This can lead to decreased daily athletic ability and an increased risk of injury, as well as unnecessary fatigue and exhaustion.

Because these factors cause your body to be at high risk of dehydration during athletic performance, re-hydration play a major role in maintaining a healthy athletic regimen.  Some athletes may believe that water is sufficient for hydration, and although water intake is very important,water alone cannot replace the minerals lost during exercise and sweating. This is because sweat contains vital minerals and nutrients know as electrolytes.

Electrolytes are essential to all higher life forms and are a composition of sodium, magnesium, potassium, calcium, chloride and phosphate.  A excellent quality sports drink will contain all six.  Beware of those that short-change you in the electrolytes.  Without electrolyte replacement, over-hydration or hyponatremia (a condition which can lead to nausea, vomiting, headache, and in extreme cases, coma) can occur.  Adequate electrolyte supplies also help stimulate the thirst mechanism which lags behind the need.   It also helps reduce post-workout soreness and helps prevent muscle cramps.  Beware of sports drinks that tout themselves as “sodium free”.  “Low sodium” is a sales pitch for foods, but for a sports drink, it is most inappropriate.  You need about 100 mg of sodium to adequately absorb the water for proper hydration.

But now, to energy replacement.  The last thing an athlete needs to run out of is energy.  Energy means blood glucose which goes into the muscle to form muscle glycogen to power the muscle. You can maintain a proper supply by consuming about 25 grams of carbohydrate every half hour as you exercise.  Most sport drinks tend to be too low in carbohydrates, about 3.9%. Research shows 25 grams of carbohydrate or 11% to be optimal for energy replacement.

The Shaklee Corporation consistently takes a different approach.  The difference is that they developed a product called Performance, based on solid research and then proved that the product works.  The most amazing development and test of a sports drink was the Daedalus Project.  A human powered airplane called the Daedalus was to be powered 74 miles across the Aegean sea.  This meant 74 miles of a man pushing bicycle type pedals to keep a propeller going and the plane aloft.

This is aphenomenal endurance test. The energy output is equal to running three marathons back to back. Performance is a patented carbohydrate delivery system called “Opticarb”.

The flight took place April 23, 1988.  After four hours and 74 miles later, the flight ended successfully.  The pilot was monitored during and after the flight.  Now read this carefully.

Ÿ         His heart rate never exceeded 142

Ÿ         At no time during the flight did he experience any significant fatigue.

Ÿ         This is important: his blood glucose stayed constant.

Ÿ         He drank nearly four quarts of fluid.

Ÿ         Body weight loss was minimal showing he was well hydrated.  (They predicted an eight          pound weight loss.)

Ÿ         His electrolytes remained in a normal range.

The ONLY source of fluid, electrolyte, and energy replacement was Performance by the Shaklee Corporation. That was 1988; the formula has not been changed because it is still on the cutting edge of nutritional research, and Shaklee has the proof to back it up.

Proper fluid replacement can enhance and improve the performance of any athlete.  Anytime you are doing anything physical (athletics, yard work, your job) and perspiring 30 minutes or more, choose Performance.

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