Live to 150: Can you do it?

Doesn’t everyone dream of feeling younger and living longer?  Living longer only makes sense if you can also remain healthy.  What does that really take to accomplish?

In 1997, Dr. David Sinclair of Harvard University, identified the cause of aging in yeast.  This was the first such discovery of its kind.  Next, in 2003,  Dr. Sinclair located the “master regulatory gene” for aging, and published the results in the prestigious Nature Journal.  They named this gene sirtuin 2 for Silent Information Regulator 2 or “ Sir2”.  During complex laboratory testing, he discovered that restricting the yeast’s caloric input (in other words, how much the yeast was given to eat) switched on the Sir2 gene, extending the life of yeast by more than 50 percent.

Today, many researchers suspect that Sir2, or other sirtuin genes – which are present in all animals including humans – are responsible for the health benefits of calorie restriction.  However, to spur Sir2 into action, you would have to restrict your calorie intake by 30 to 40 percent!  Few of us would be capable of restricting our diets so harshly, because you would be hungry all the time.  So scientists began to look for ways to trigger the sirtuin system into action, without restricting calories.

In 2003, a handful of sirtuin-activating compounds were discovered.  And resveratrol was found to be the most potent of them all.  Resveratrol was first discovered in 1940 but remained relatively unknown until 1992, when it was credited with the heart health benefits of red wine (known as the “French Paradox”).  Interest intensified in 1997, with the discovery that resveratrol is a key to turning on the Sir2 gene.  Since that time, in controlled lab testing, resveratrol has enhanced the vitality and extended the life span of every cell that has been tested.  In humans, this response could extend the human life span to 135 years!!  Wow!

But, living longer only makes sense if you can also remain healthy and feel good.  One of Dr. Sinclair’s studies compared 3 groups.  One group on a standard diet; another group on a high-calorie high fat diet and a third group on a high-calorie, high fat diet, with resveratrol included.

As you would expect, the group on the high-calorie, high-fat diet gained weight, developed fatty livers, experienced inflammation of their heart muscle, and developed a diabetes-like condition.  However, the group on the “ bad diet” plus resveratrol developed none of these complications: their physiology was identical to the lean group.  And even more interesting, the group with the diet including resveratrol, were also much more physically active, outperforming both the untreated and the overfed group on tests of physical endurance and stamina!

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