High, Low, Rate Your Chemical Sensitivity. What is it?

Environmental Evaluation

Rate yourself with the following environmental evaluation.  See how sensitive you are.

Rate on a scale of 1 to 10 – 1 being Low and 10 High


What is your reaction to the following?


1. Odor of the fruit and vegetable sections of supermarkets

2. Detergent aisle of food store

3. Household detergents

4. Odor of Clorox and other hypochlorite bleaches

5. Odor of chlorinated water (bath or swimming pool)

6. Drinking of chlorinated water

7. Odor of public or household disinfectants and deodorants

8. Odor of window cleaning fluids

9. Ammonia fumes

10. Odors of glass wax or similar cleaners

11. Odors of floor or furniture wax

12. Odor of naphtha, cleaning fluids or lighter fluids

13. Odor of dry-cleaning clothing, upholstery or rugs

14. Odor of plastic cements (glue)

15. Odor of phenol (carbolic acid) or Lysol

16. Odor of pine scented household deodorants

17. Odor of pine scented bath oils, shampoos or soaps

18. Fumes from burning pine cones or wood

19. Odor of rubber-based paint

20. Odors of burning natural gas

21. Fumes from tarring roofs & roads

22. Fumes from burning creosoted wood ( like railroad ties)

23. Odors of gasoline

24. Diesel fumes, exhaust

25. Car or motor boat exhaust

26. Cars burning too much oil

27. Odor of new shower curtains

28. Odor of nail polish or remover

29. cosmetics ( lipstick, powder, other)

30. Odor of deodorants ( perfume)

31. Odor of plastic products in specialty or department stores

32. Odor or contact with polyester cloth

33. Acrylic yarn or clothing

34. Alcohol (rubbing) used to cleanse skin

35. Scented soap or shampoo

36. Perfumes, colognes, aftershave

37. Dacron, Orlon, or synthetic fabric

38. Photocopy or Xerox machine

39. Odor of ink, carbon paper, stencils, typewriter or typewriter ribbon

40. Odor of carbon less paper (NCR)

41. Odor of newspaper or magazines

42. Odor or contact with plastic bags, upholstery/tablecloths/pillow or book covers/shoes or handbags

43. Insecticide sprays

44. Odor of termite extermination treatment



LOW 0 TO 40

MED 40 TO 80




If you scored in the 40+ range you definitely want to take steps to greatly reduce your chemical exposure.

Why are we so prone to accept and even invite into our homes, these products which poison our interior environment today and the world tomorrow?  Certainly people care – the just must not be aware.

Many of us today are becoming more knowledgeable about nutrition.  It just doesn’t make sense to address nutrition and build up healthy cells and then purchase products that destroy cells and ultimately your heath.

The aim of The Universal Key is to bring awareness and to help you eliminate the negative and choose the healthy alternatives.  Today we all need to become ecologically committed to health within our bodies, home, and the environment.

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