Men’s Health – Small Changes With Big Results. Switch the Donut & Nachos for a Beer & Hotdog!


Men’s Health – Small Changes With Big Results. Switch the Donut & Nachos for a Beer & Hotdog!

Small changes, big benefits…………

June 13-18th is Men’s Health Week, and that makes for the perfect opportunity for all you guys out there to take stock of your current health status.  Small changes can add up.  Example: empty your small change into a jar every day, and watch the total add up over time.  Make small changes in your daily habits-such as your meals or snacks, your activity or exercise levels and watch those changes gradually accumulate into a much healthier, happier, and more satisfying life.

Small change is powerful.  The power lies in how much easier small changes are to initiate and maintain, and how meaningful are the patterns they create.

Walk to the next bus stop instead of the closest one.  In one year, you will walk, more than 150 miles more than if you had not changed your routine.  This is the equivalent of walking from New York to Philadelphia and back each year.  In ten years you will have walked more than 1,500 miles!

Another example, if you replace a soft drink with water at just one meal-say, lunch.  With this small change you will drink approximately forty more gallons of water per year, while not drinking forty gallons of carbonated sugar.  You will also save up to fifty thousand calories and as much as five hundred dollars!

Start substituting an apple (80 calories) for a small muffin (140 calories) as a morning snack a few days a week at age forty.  By age seventy-five you will have consumed nearly five hundred thousand (a half million!) fewer calories and have fewer pounds around your hips or midriff.  And if you were substituting the apple for a glazed donut (250 calories), you would save 2 million calories.  Now there’s a small change that adds up!

How about changing just one meal.  Let’s do some math-the average person eats 2 to 3 meals a day, or 14 to 21 meals a week, or about one thousand meals a year, or 10,000 meals per decade-75,000 to 100,000 meals if you live to a ripe old age.  Don’t change all those meals at once (what an overwhelming task!).  Most diets require numerous (and often big) changes.  Is it any wonder, with so many changes, why people have so much difficulty sustaining or diet?  Or why a small slip can sabotage the whole program?

Our approach is to divide and conquer.  Pick one meal: breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  Take one month to focus on making one healthful change in that one meal.

Try to make substitutions, (get the book, “Eat This, Not That“) for example for breakfast, substitute brie on your bagel, which has more protein than cream cheese or butter.  Substitute whole grains for refined, or a 2-egg omelet, instead of a 3-egg omelet.

When you need that mid am pick-me-up, choose a handful of trail mix instead of that sugary espresso drink.  You’ll get the energy boost without the huge sugar spike that will send you crashing later.  Switch from croutons to sunflower seeds on your salad, from chips to air-popped popcorn, from soda to sparkling water, from sour cream to yogurt, from French fries to baked potatoes, from eating late dinners to eating early suppers.  Or just try adding more vegetables to your lunch or dinner.  Give up white-white sugar, white bread, white pasta, white butter, white starchy anything-and get colorful with lots of vegetables or fruits.  Eat fish every Friday, no matter what religion you are.

Here are some examples of small changes you can make while eating out and still enjoy your favorites.  When grabbing breakfast out, gets the 2 eggs, grits and grapefruit juice, instead of pancakes, whipped margarine and maple syrup.  This will save over 400 calories, 20 grams of fat and almost 2000 mgs of sodium!  If you like Chipotle, order the chicken burrito bowl rather than the chicken burrito.  Just eliminating that tortilla saves you over 500 calories, over 22 grams of fat and over 1000 mg. of sodium!    And you don’t have to give up your pizza.  Just substitute ham and pineapple toppings for your pepperoni or sausage supreme toppings and you’ll save 300 calories and 20 grams of fat per 2 slices.  If you’re a DQ fan, choose the small chocolate sundae over the small chocolate chip cookie dough blizzard.  You’ll still satisfy your sweet cravings but save over 400 calories, over 21 grams of fat and 40 grams of sugar!

Going to the ballpark? Choose a hot dog (just skip the chili cheese) a beer, crackerjacks, and an ice cream sandwich instead of nachos, a pretzel with cheese, a cola, and the soft serve ice cream and you’ll have saved almost 800 total calories, a whopping 43 grams of fat, almost 2500 mgs of sodium and 21 grams of sugar!

Start taking a daily vitamin supplement like the Shaklee Vitalizer strip.  It’s a simple small change that packs a big punch.  In this one small strip you get 80 bio-optimized clinically proven nutrients in a unique patented delivery system you won’t find anywhere else. Take this one strip and you can breeze through your day knowing for sure you’ve covered the bases.  Try adding protein powder to your morning juice for an easy way to keep you fueled until lunch (and you’re less likely to think about that 10:00 am donut).

The main point here is to make only one change in one meal at a time.  You pick the meal.  Sustain one small change every now and then in just one meal, and over your lifetime you will have changed thousands of meals and achieved big benefits.

The laws of nature state that objects in motion will always follow the path of least resistance.  If you focus on small changes of just one habit at a time, you will face less resistance than if you focus on many at once.  Small changes are also more consistent with human nature and evolution.

We encourage you to pick one new healthy change today.  It can be in your food choices, your activity level or the environment you live in or are exposed to.  Maintain it for one month and then add another one and so on.  You’ll feel great about what you can accomplish!

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