How To Achieve The Best Results With Sports Nutrition


How to achieve the best results with sports nutrition. I’m sure you hear words like carbohydrate, protein, amino acids but what do they really mean to your effort?

Are you an “elite” athlete?  How about a person who maybe isn‘t at the elite status, but someone who works out regularly?  Or are you someone who knows they should workout, but because of many reasons (excuses?) you just haven’t made regular exercise a priority?  Do you think “its too tiring and my muscles get too sore”?

No matter where on this list you find yourself, the nutrition you put into your body has a HUGE impact on the results you achieve.  From the world class athlete to the weekend warrior, we all want to maximize our performance and get the most benefit from the effort we put in.

A continual low intake of essential nutrients will make it totally impossible to perform at your best.

Research has clearly shown that being low, not necessarily deficient but even just low in various nutrients can seriously affect your ability to perform at your best.  Studies show that athletes need more of these nutrients than the general population and in the case of some nutrients much more.  For instance, runners and weight lifters need well over twice the protein of the average non-exercising American/

Consider this question: If these elite athletes need at least twice as much protein as a non-exerciser, what are your requirements as a weekend or occasional athlete? Obviously if you do any sort of athletics, your nutrient needs are going to be well above that average American.

To understand the benefits of incorporating supplements into your fitness program, it can help to understand the protein and carbohydrate connection.  Carbohydrates are our main energy source and protein is the key muscle builder. Please remember that 80 percent of your total body protein is muscle.

Protein is responsible for a number of very important actions in the body.  It is essential to build and repair muscles, needed in the production of hormones such as insulin and is very key in the immune system.  Protein is needed to form new red blood cells, aids in the healing of wounds.  Protein helps repair damaged muscles and also helps reduce muscle soreness after a workout.

Protein and carbohydrate are the two main stimulators of insulin in the body.  Insulin allows nutrients to get into the muscle cell.  Without a good supply of insulin, the recovery and rebuilding of the cell cannot take place.

The researchers at the Shaklee Corporation developed a release mechanism based on the best balance of amino acids ( protein) and the best ratio of carbohydrate to protein.  They called it“Bio-Build” and is the core delivery system of their pure muscle recovery drink called Physique.  The research on this product was so good that it was accepted for publication in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.  This is a peer reviewed, refereed journal.  It is a great honor to have research accepted by such a publication.

Further, this study was published before Shaklee released the product.  This dedication to quality research is why The Universal Key endorses Shaklee products.  Physique is the only product of its type on the market that has undergone this type of legitimate, quality, clinical testing.  Remember, if the science is solid, the product will work.

Another area of sports nutrition that is very important to all athletes, elite and weekend, is the issue of fluid replacement.  If you are a weekend or occasional athlete, you really need to carefully watch your fluid intake.  You are probably more at risk because you may not be aware of fluid needs and not acclimated to working out in the heat as has someone who works out regularly.

Proper fluid replacement can enhance and improve the performance of any athlete because even very mild dehydration can decrease your performance.  Fluid replacement drinks are not just for athletes though.  There is a great variety of needs for a fluid replacement drink.  Consider this list: working outdoors in hot weather, fluid and electrolyte replacement after a stomach virus, fluids for colds and flu, Hypoglycemia (these fluids can help maintain a steady blood sugar), yard work, cleaning the attic, garage etc.  You need fluid replacement anytime you perspire for 30 minutes or more.


Fluid replacement drinks have flooded the market.  What should you look for to know that you are getting the best fluid replacement product that does what its supposed to without all the marketing hype?  Here is the profile you should use:  1. It has about 25 grams of carbohydrate per serving for energy replacement.  Much above that can cause diarrhea and too little zaps energy.  2. It must contain a glucose polymer such as maltodextrin, which speeds water absorption. 3. It contains at least 100 gm of sodium because without the sodium, water absorption will slow. 4. It contains all 6 electrolytes because as you perspire you lose 6 minerals that must be replaced.  Electrolyte replacement is most critical for stimulating the thirst mechanism (which lags behind need), reducing post workout soreness muscle cramps and lactic acid buildup.  5. It should contain some Fructose as this carbohydrate is metabolized in the liver.  As other carbohydrate stores are used, up the liver contributes to sustained energy.  6. It should not contain any artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.

The Shaklee Corporation took all of this carbohydrate research to heart and developed a pure hydration (fluid replacement) drink called  Performance.  Their clinically proven and patented carbohydrate delivery system called “Opti-lytemeets all of the criteria we discussed above.

A lot of companies make claims, have paid athletes to endorse their products but no hard clinical evidence.  The Shaklee Corporation consistently takes a different approach.  The difference is that they developed this product based on current research and then proved that the product works through rigorous testing and solid science.

If fact Shaklee Sports Nutrition products have helped Americans rule the podium-winning more than 100 gold, silver, and bronze medals!  That’s more than most countries!  In fact, seven of Time-Life’s Greatest Adventures of All Time were fueled by Shaklee.  The results speak for themselves. So again whether you are an elite athlete or the weekend warrior, don’t trust your body to empty promises, marketing hype, questionable science, or artificial ingredients.  Choose Shaklee Sports Nutrition today.

We at The Universal Key are proud to promote the Shaklee line of products, which are unconditionally guaranteed.


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