Are Layoffs & Unemployment Empowering Entrepreneurs? What Is Freedom?


Are layoffs & unemployment empowering entrepreneurs to search for a better life?

What is freedom & what does that mean to you?

After just coming back from the 4th of July holiday, I have been thinking about what it means to have freedom.  For us at The Universal Key, one of the key freedoms is the freedom of choice.  Specifically, to have freedom to choose our work and the time spent doing it. 

Let’s face it.  There’s really no such thing as job security anymore, especially when you work for someone else.  The headlines scream of layoffs, downsizing, mergers, and plant closings.  We have been going through a major economic transition not experienced since we changed from an agricultural economy to an industrial one.  Weekends, retirement, benefits, and entitlements were new concepts then.  Today they are fast becoming things of the past.  We no longer depend on a labor force that is located within our geographic borders.  We don’t know what tomorrow will look like, and we certainly don’t know what working will mean.  And not knowing makes us very uncomfortable.

Today’s most important and visible “corporations” are those that are going virtual.  Much of the unemployment we experience today actually represents the permanent dismantling of many of our large corporations as they are out-competed by smaller companies, independent contractors and other fast-adapting, quick-moving entrepreneurs.

In the new economy, the sheer quantity of compensation is no longer enough.  More and more, we have come to realize we also want a certain quality of compensation, too.  We don’t simply want money, we want lifestyle.

It doesn’t matter how much money you earn if you never get to see your spouse or children.  It doesn’t matter how many physical possessions you have if you never get to play with them.  And it doesn’t matter how great a personal economy you create if you don’t have the health to enjoy it.

Many people stay in unsatisfactory careers because they feel safer doing what they know, even if it’s painful, rather than venturing into the unknown.  They may become so overwhelmed by the prospect of what might happen if they were to do something different that they can’t even begin.  Their primary motivation is the desire to avoid pain or fear and to maintain their comfort and security as they know it.

The paradigm is shifting.  Many men and women, once caught in the never-ending spiral of climbing the career ladder to higher income, increased stress, less time for themselves and their families are crying, “ Stop! Enough! I want a better life.  A simpler one with meaningful work and more time for family and friends and just time to smell the roses.”  More and more people are starting their own businesses.  A corporate job simply can’t compete with self-employment.  Make no mistake about it though: When you start your own business, you’re probably going to put in the same hours you did working for the corporation.  But, you get the freedom to control which hours.  Networking and professional groups can provide the social communities once available only from corporations.

We often talk today about the challenge of keeping a balance between our work and our families.  Picture it like a seesaw, with work on one end and family on the other.  When you’re constantly playing these priorities against each other, your life swings and swings until eventually the whole thing breaks, whether that means losing the job, losing the family or your health breaking down.

But if we accept the challenge of finding a way to integrate our work into our home, then we don’t have to think about balance between work and family so much as how we can weave the two together.

I think the loneliest business people I see today are those whose children have no idea what they do.  If you are able to teach your children what it is you do, what it is that they are economically dependent upon and, even better, if they can actually see you doing it and even participate in some meaningful way, then this destructive and alienating rift between work and home starts to dissolve.

There is actually something ironic about this.  The United States started out as an agrarian nation of entrepreneurs where everyone was a small-business person.  The rise of the giant corporation, which my generation took for granted as the “normal” employment path, is really a historical anomaly.  And it’s rapidly slipping into the history books as we return to our entrepreneurial roots.

Do you want to be an entrepreneur?  The glass can be either half full or half empty.  You can believe that others either want to help you or are out to get you.  Whichever you choose, you will always be right.  It will be easier for if you choose the former.  Being positive gives you more energy and vitality.  People want to help you succeed.  Make this your mantra.  It’s actually true.

The Universal Key team is committed to helping you achieve everything you dream about doing and having.  Our founding principals are more relevant today than they have ever been.  People everywhere believe that living in harmony with nature is better than living in conflict with nature.  People everywhere believe that natural products are better for you than synthetic products  People everywhere would prefer to make their living by helping others rather than competing with them.  People everywhere would like to live life on their own terms and have both economic and time freedom to-do so.  We can empower you to decide what you will do with your life every day.  Never again will you do anything that will put your lifestyle in the hands of someone else.  Let us help you.  Contact The Universal Key team today and take advantage of your freedom of choice!


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