Joint Pain Can Affect Millions Of People Get Pain Relief Made Without Shellfish


Joint pain can affect millions of people, get pain relief made without shellfish.   Joint pain can affect every facet of your life. Many doctors simply prescribe various types of medication to deal with the pain without treating the underlying cause. Generally, joint pain is caused by several factors, including inflammation, nerve damage, fatigue, and muscle tension. The pain causes stress, which causes tension, which causes even more pain. It’s a vicious cycle. If you want natural joint relief, however, you will be happy to know that there are several natural treatments available.

When your joints are healthy, they operate like a well-oiled machine. Cartilage and joint fluids cushion your bones, allowing muscles and tendons to slide smoothly and limbs to move easily. Normally, that cartilage is constantly broken down and rebuilt. However, problems such as age-related slowdown of cartilage production, overuse of joints, and individual physical differences can hinder this process and cause cartilage break down faster than it is rebuilt.

Proper supplementation, along with adequate rest, a balanced diet, exercise, reducing stress, and maintaining normal weight are essential to supporting and maintaining healthy joints.

Glucosamine has received wide support from doctors and other health care professionals in North America for its ability to help with joint health. Glucosamine compounds are amino sugars found naturally in the body that help to cement various tissue cells together and are very important in joints and surrounding tissues as a cushioning ingredient. Joint problems often result when the synthesis of new cartilage cannot keep up with the disintegration of existing cartilage. As the old cartilage deteriorates over time, inflammation, pain, swelling, and decreased joint movement ensue. Glucosamine supplementation helps the body make new cartilage to replace worn-out cells and tissues in the joints, thus addressing the root cause of joint stiffness and pain.

But how do you navigate through the maze of Glucosamine supplements?  While many glucosamine supplements come from shellfish, many cannot take this form. It is important to note that people with shellfish allergies should seek make sure the supplement they choose does not contain shellfish. So what is the best, most effective and safest Glucosamine supplement available?  Because after all, if you are going to spend money on a supplement, you want to make sure it works and without all the nasty side effects of unproven supplements and prescription medications.

The Universal Key group always has full confidence in the supplements produced by Shaklee. The Shaklee researchers were convinced that Glucosamine hydrochloride, rather than glucosamine sulphate, is the preferred compound for helping with joint flexibility. First of all, there’s more glucosamine in the hydrochloride form than the sulphate form. Since it’s more concentrated, less is needed to have a beneficial effect on bone movement. Secondly, glucosamine hydrochloride is sodium free whereas the sulphate form is often combined with sodium chloride, or table salt, as a stabilizing agent. Excess sodium is not desirable for persons with hypertension (high blood pressure). Finally, there’s  evidence that Glucosamine hydrochloride is able to help the body make chondroitin sulphate, another glucosamine compound that helps maintain healthy cartilage. Therefore, Shaklee Joint Health Complex contains glucosamine hydrochloride.

A powerful herbal ingredient has been combined with the glucosamine hydrochloride in Shaklee’s product to help with pain relief. It’s cat’s claw bark extract (Uncaria guianensis), from a plant native to South America and used by the Ashaninka Indians of Peru to reduce pain and inflammation. Cat’s claw is known to work quickly, and people have received relief from their joint problems after as little as one week of regular use.

Certain mineral ingredients – manganese, copper, and zinc are important trace minerals for enzymes that build collagen and other matrix proteins and have also been added to Joint Health Complex.

Because joint deterioration has usually occurred over a long period of time, don’t expect Joint Health Complex to reverse it overnight. While some people will experience relief within a week, it may take up to six weeks of daily use for others to see changes. So be persistent and know that glucosamine doesn’t have any of the side effects that many medications used to treat joint pain have. And, unlike medications that treat the symptoms of joint pain, Joint Health Complex will address the cause of the problem. That’s the Shaklee Difference™!


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