Many Women Experience The Balancing Act Of Hormones, Help Is Here! Pt 3


Many women experience the balancing act of hormones, help is here! Pt 3.  This is part 3 of our 3 part series.  We’ll wrap up & discuss chronic fatigue, menopause symptoms, hormone imbalance, depression, weight gain & more.  A short bonus will be out later this week to help bring it all full circle.  Enjoy!

The period of time in a woman’s life called pre-menopause or peri-menopause, the decade or so before menopause when a woman’s reproductive functions are winding down.  In Western, industrialized countries, it’s a time when increasing numbers of women suffer from chronic fatigue weight gain, mood swings, unstable blood sugar and rapid aging.

One of the primary causes of pre/peri menopause syndrome is adrenal exhaustion.  The adrenal glands are two small glands about the size and shape of a flattened prune that sit on top of the kidneys.  Each adrenal gland is composed of 2 parts, an inner and an outer part.  Both produce important secretions that are part of our stress reactions.

The inner part or adrenal medulla is responsible for secreting two hormones – epinephrine or adrenaline and norepinephrine or noradrenaline.    When you are under stress, your body releases epinephrine.  When this hormone is released, many things occur simultaneously and quickly in the body.  The heart speeds up; blood is sent flooding into the heart, lungs, muscles, and brain and away from the digestive system.  Sugar is dumped into the blood in large quantities to provide quick energy and breathing is faster.  This is a great system, put in place at the beginning of the human race, if you need to run from or turn and fight a saber-tooth tiger.  Today, if your boss is yelling at you, the “fight or flight” response still occurs, but its manifestations are suppressed by “higher” parts of your brain telling you that fleeing or physically fighting are counterproductive in that situation.  Your body is flooded with contradictory messages and reactions.  This in itself is a factor in disease, eventual fatigue and physical illness.

Stress is a major player in most people’s lives today.  Day to day stresses of hectic schedules, job and financial pressures, colds and flu, troublesome relationships all trigger the adrenals to action with epinephrine.   The bad news is that epinephrine is not a hormone meant to be used all the time-its designed to be used in emergencies, for short bursts of intense energy.   The chronic stimulation to the adrenal glands produces adrenal exhaustion and imbalance.

While the inner adrenal hormones provide quick and short term responses to stress, the outer adrenal hormones or adrenal cortex hormones provide longer term responses for stress and the maintenance of balance in bodily functions.  These hormones play a role in regulating blood sugar, how carbohydrates, proteins, and fats are moved in and out of cells, inflammation and muscle function.  When there is imbalance in these hormones, weight gain especially belly fat occurs, along with sugar cravings, low energy, thinning skin, poor muscle tone and other signs of aging.

Many of the adrenal hormones are made from progesterone.  We have identified in our previous posts in this series how we have become a people who are battling estrogen dominance which results in low progesterone levels and imbalance.  How can your body function at its best when we are under chronic stress that causes hormone imbalances resulting in weight gain,  chronic fatigue, depression and a multitude of other life defeating symptoms.

Take charge of your health today.  It’s next to impossible to eliminate all stress from our lives, but try to balance it by using meditation or other things you enjoy that put you in a very relaxed state.  This will give your adrenals a little break.  But most important is your nutrition, because you need to rebuild those body systems to truly have an effect that matters and is noticeableGreat nutrition and premium supplements will go a long way in addressing those pre/peri menopause symptoms.  If you are tired of seeing your waist size grow and being too tired or depressed to participate in or even care about all the wonderful blessings your life has to offer, then we recommend you try RX for a Healthier Life.  The RX for a Healthier Life program will make a remarkable and noticeable difference in rebuilding your out of balance, exhausted hormone system and get you back to really living your life and doing it with healthy energy and happiness!

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