Top 3 Tips to Prevent Holiday Weight Gain

You have heard the quote “An ounce of Prevention is worth a pound of Cure.” Well there are not many areas of our lives where this quote is more applicable that in the challenge of losing or even maintaining our weight!

The holidays are coming and for most of us, that means inevitably being surrounded by food challenges.  There are lots of sweets, high calorie cocktails, appetizers and just generally more food and more opportunities to over-indulge.  There is plenty of info out there on how to make smarter food choices at the buffet line, like carrots instead of chips etc.  All are great ideas, but again for most of us, we just want to eat the darn chips!  It’s hard to equal out the feelings of celebration with feelings of deprivation.

Most people don’t ever lose the weight they put on during the holidays, that means much of midlife weight gain can be explained by holiday eating.

So in keeping with our theme of “ prevention”, (which is what  The Universal Key Team’s is all about anyway), we are going to offer some tips on preventing the holiday weight gain and preventing the desire to overeat (still eat what you want but just not in excess) on all those tempting treats and snacks in the first place.

Even small changes can have a big impact in preventing those pounds from piling on.  Try these 3 easy tips:

1.      PREPARE – Eat lighter for the weeks/days before the big events and parties.  Make all your portions a little smaller at mealtime.  Remember eating lighter DOES NOT mean skipping meals.  Seriously, don’t do that because it just messes up your metabolism and sets the ball rolling for other negative health problems to crop up.  We like to recommend to people to substitute one meal a day with a delicious blended shake drink called CINCH.  It’s a low-cal option that gives you a superior combo of protein, complex carbs and vitamins and minerals that will satisfy your taste buds and your nutritional needs.  CINCH makes you feel better so you’re better able to make good choices for yourself.  It will also do wonders for your energy level. Also make a point of drinking more water during the day.  Good Hydration = better energy. Exercise really eases the stress and improves your mood. Up your exercise by putting on your favorite dance music and brush up on your dance moves for the holiday parties.  Easy and Fun!

2.      PRELOAD – Have a light snack before heading to a holiday dinner. Aim for that combination of protein and complex carbohydrates—peanut butter on an apple, whole-grain crackers with cheese, or Greek yogurt with fruit and a sprinkling of nuts. Soup is another excellent option. Its high water content helps fill you up.  Have a CINCH shake.  It will fill you up and when your body has all those great nutrients, it doesn’t crave the sweets and so when you take a smaller portion of those things at the party, you’re more than satisfied.  No deprived feelings either!

 3.      PREVENT – Step away from the buffet table.  At parties, don’t hang out by the food table. Put what you’d like on a plate, and then find another spot to nibble and chat. You’ll be less tempted to get refills or eat on autopilot. With a few simple strategies you can eat healthy anywhere, from a formal restaurant to family potluck. Reserve half your plate for salads, fruits and vegetables, then enjoy smaller portions of meat, starchy side dishes, and desserts. Skip high-fat snacks or fillers you can live without, like dinner rolls, to save calories for the dishes and desserts you most look forward to and really enjoy eating.  Again, eat what you want but be smart about it.

Admit it…carrying extra weight around is a drag. Literally!  It drags down our energy, drags down our health, drags down our looks and drags down our self-confidence.  How about going into the New Year ahead of the game by at least preventing the additional 5 to 10 pounds of weight the average person gains over the holidays.  It requires so much less effort to not gain them in the first place than to have to resolve to take them off again in the New Year.

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