The Turning Point – Will 2012 Be Yours?


The Turning Point, Will 2012 Be Yours?

You Must Make the Decision………..

The ability to make good decisions is one of the most important skills of the successful person.   All men and women who are considered highly successful are decisive in their thinking and in their actions.  They think things through carefully in advance.  They decide exactly what they want, and then they make definite decisions.  They then take specific actions to turn those decisions into realities.

In your life, you have had experiences where you have been unsure of what to do.  You have gone back and forth and felt more and more uncomfortable and distracted.  You finally resolved your dilemma by making a clear decision, one way or another.  In looking back, you will probably find that that decision was the turning point for you in that situation, or perhaps even in your life.  Everything else flowed from your decision.

Developing the habit of decisiveness can be the critical factor that enables you to take command of a situation and puts you onto the fast track to achieving all your goalsHigh achievers are not necessarily those who make the right decisions, but they are those people who make their decisions right.  The accept feedback and self-correct.  They take in new information and they change if necessary.  But they are always decisive, always moving forward never wishy-washy or vacillation in their attitudes and approaches to life.

You must act boldly.  When you confront a situation boldly and step forward courageously, a series of unseen forces seem to emerge to help you achieve your goals.  Your willingness to take action rather than to delay or procrastinate seems to bring universal powers to your assistance.

You must act as if it were impossible to fail.  This is most powerful.  When you imagine that your success will be guaranteed if you will simply take action, and you act on that premise, a whole series of forces begins to support you and move you toward the attainment of your desires.    When you are in doubt for any reason, act as if it were impossible to fail, and push forward.

You must “Just do it!”  Like the Nike commercial, these three words really summarize one of the great formulas for successSet your goals, make your plan, organize your priorities, imagine it is impossible to fail, and then, just do it!

So make the decision that 2012 will be the year that your dreams turn into realities.

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