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How Safe Is Your Drinking Water from Toxic Water Pollution?

Published on April 11, 2012 By admin

  We all know water is essential to good health, but because of water pollution some of our drinking water may not be as healthy as we think. Over the past 50 years, thousands of chemicals have been widely used to make our lives more convenient.  Unfortunately, many of these same chemicals can find their […]


Are Organic Foods More Nutritious & More Expensive? What The USDA & Rutgers Say

Published on July 25, 2011 By admin

  Are organic foods more nutritious & more expensive? What the USDA & Rutgers say about farmers market & chemical additives. Organic fruit and organic vegetables are grown under the watchful eye of the USDA organic program. But what makes organic fruit different, and are organic vegetables safer or healthier to eat? What makes organic […]


Are Symptoms like Asthma,Eczema & Rashes telling you its Allergy Season?

Published on May 2, 2011 By admin

  Preparing For Allergy & Pollen Season with Symptoms like: Asthma, Eczema, and Rashes are never fun.  We’ve got some great Statistics to share as well as Respiratory System & Immune System info to help you beat it!   “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” ~ Benjamin Franklin Every year, allergies […]


High, Low, Rate Your Chemical Sensitivity. What is it?

Published on April 26, 2011 By admin

Environmental Evaluation Rate yourself with the following environmental evaluation.  See how sensitive you are. Rate on a scale of 1 to 10 – 1 being Low and 10 High   What is your reaction to the following?   1. Odor of the fruit and vegetable sections of supermarkets 2. Detergent aisle of food store 3. […]


12 Facts on Chemical Toxins Likely to be in Your Home……

Published on March 28, 2011 By admin

12 Facts on Chemical Toxins Likely to be in Your Home……     1.  81,000 chemicals registered with the EPA in the last 30 years, and fewer than 20% have been tested for toxicity!   2.  90% of all poison exposures occur at home   3.  218,316 reported poison exposures in 2005 were from household […]