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Eating Berries / Flavonoids May Help Memory Decline, Research Shows

Published on May 7, 2012 By admin

  Berries are good for the brain, and according to a study it suggests that the flavonoids in the fruits can help fend off the mental decline of aging.  Women who ate one or more servings of blueberries or two or more servings of strawberries a week over two decades had minds that, based on […]


10 Reasons Why Your Immune System MUST HAVE Interferon

Published on August 15, 2011 By admin

  10 reasons why your immune system must have interferon, & what exactly is interferon? Over the past 14 months, we at The Universal Key, have provided you with an abundance of info on how to make choices that will help you live a healthier life.  We’ve encouraged you to eliminate the toxins from your […]