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It’s Peach Month! – 9 Surprisingly Healthy Reasons To Eat Up

Published on August 6, 2013 By admin

  Its that time of year again…… of course we’re talking about “Peach Month” & Peach season!  The sweet and versatile fruit is a favorite among many families as we don’t have a chance to get spoiled with it throughout the year.  Peaches are best from June to the end of August and is the […]


WomensHealth – In A Cinch!

Published on May 14, 2012 By admin

  WomensHealth – In a Cinch.  “If mom’s not happy, then nobody’s happy.”  There is a lot of truth to this old saying.  Moms need to take care of themselves – but often don’t.  They tend to put everyone else first.  This is especially true of moms with young children who are physically as well […]


Vitamin D, Your Diet, & The Sun

Published on May 31, 2011 By admin

  Vitamin D, Your Diet, & The Sun Just walk outdoors and let the sun shine in, and you’ll start boosting your vitamin D.  This is the only vitamin that comes to you directly from the environment as well as through some foods.  When the sun’s ultraviolet rays interact with the oils of your skin, […]


Electrolytes, Hydration, & Performance Get in High Gear!

Published on January 24, 2011 By admin

Kick It Into High Gear! When your body is working at high performance levels, body temperature is raised, increasing sweat production and the need for re-hydration.  The rise in body temperature is caused by a few different factors: muscles are working at peak performance to enhance athletic ability, and they are producing energy in the […]