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Touch – 5 Things You’ll Be Happy To Know

Published on August 20, 2012 By admin

  Touch, of all our senses is the most difficult to fathom doing without.  We have hundreds of nerve endings in every square inch of our skin.  Our body functions like an antenna, receiving a constant stream of information ranging from the firmness of the chair we’re sitting on to the heat of the sun […]


Sight – 4 Amazing Things You Didn’t Know

Published on July 30, 2012 By admin

  Sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell: Our five senses are what help us make “sense” of the world around us.  As scientists continue to discover how they work, they are also finding key ways to sharpen them too!  Our 1st spotlight in our 6 part series will be Sight. The human eye is a […]